Soft Pasteurised Ice Cream Mix made by Criminisi

If you’re a real ice cream connoisseur then our soft pasteurised ice cream mix is for you. Delicious, soft, creamy ice cream mix is our speciality and is a big hit with our customers including ice cream vans, dessert parlours and restaurants.

We have recently refurbished our facilities on site to increase capacity and create superior product which lasts longer and tastes better. For our wholesale customers our soft ice cream mix is available at amazing prices giving you an excellent product.

Our factory is equipped with the best quality machines and our staff understand the finest details about creating premium quality ice cream.

  • Delicious soft mix ice cream
  • All your favourite flavours
  • 4L and 10L tubs
  • Labelling and packaging available
  • Cold storage facility on-site

Soft Ice Cream Mix Suppliers

At Criminisi we are committed to providing an easy service to all of our customers so whenever you need soft, delicious ice cream mix you can rely on us.

Based in the Midlands we have excellent transport links to the rest of the UK and offer same-day delivery on many of our products.

Our soft ice cream mix supply is one of our biggest products so if you need a reliable and reputable company please call us to discuss further.

Criminisi Soft Ice Cream Mix